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The 3 step strategic response plan for post-pandemic results

ICT Strategy

The 3 step strategic response plan for post-pandemic results

With the huge change that every business has experienced, the C-Level teams are now reviewing their legacy systems to see if they are adequate for our post-COVID working environment. We posted something back in May about the “3 Steps of Strategic Response” stating:

“1. Develop an action plan that will define the future technologies, with 2. developed responses to optimise ICT services, to 3. enable your strategic business priorities. The action plan ensures that your ICT services will evolve and transform… because all of our future Business as Usual models will be quite different.”

We have been helping regional councils, and regional authorities to maximise the return on their IT investments in Enterprise Resource Planning implementations, their SCADA and water management including Smart Metering, whilst helping to identify and resolve connectivity “Black Spots”. 

What makes us do this work – we come from regional council and government, defence and private enterprise change and ICT management. We have been working to help our clients with Internation Awards for our work since 2003. Be sure to call us and we would be glad to let you speak to one of our clients – and let them tell you how we do it better.

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