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Edge computing, security threats and the CIO

Edge computing, security threats and the CIO

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Key Challenges

The converging of IT and OT systems, combined with the increased use of IoT in industrial environments, is challenging many security practices. It is getting harder to define the best security architecture that aligns to transforming and modernizing environments when the threats just keep coming and are more sophisticated.

Regulatory compliance pressure is mounting, as governments around the world issue new guidelines to enhance the security of their critical infrastructures. This pressure comes along with the need to keep costs down and remain competitive. What about regional authorities, education providers or utilities? Do they have bottomless buckets of money to keep up?

OT and IT convergence raises new security challenges spanning across a range of new initiatives. This impacts the security of a growing range of industries.

The line separating IT and operational technology is getting blurred. We have been vendor independent advisors to industry, government and utilities since 2003 and we work with CIOs, and others to help keep their organisations up to date. We understand how to manage complex change with your strategic objectives and track a path for you to stay on top and maximise your IT spend.

Source: Edge computing’s epic turf war | CIO