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2020 Local Government ICT Benchmark Thank you

Thank you for being a part of this Survey!

Our Inaugural Local Government ICT Benchmark 2020 survey has launched. We invite you to get involved and in so gain early access to the full report. We will be benchmarking local governments by their Regions,
Size (Rateable Assessments), IT Systems, COVID-19 Impacts, FTE Numbers and councils
Top ICT Service Goals and Objectives for the next 5 Years.


Be part of one of the first ICT Benchmarking Surveys focusing on the impact of COVID-19. Gain an understanding of what the Local Government sector is doing and planning for future ICT services – in light of the significant shift in the way Councils continue to provide excellent service delivery to their customers.


ICT Strategy

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Smart cities leverage the wealth of human capital in residents and industry through leading-edge technology, commercial partnership and greater connectivity
Ensuring data integrity, functionality, performance and seamless service is critical to business success

ERP Strategy

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Creating Environments for Digital Transformation

Change and Transformation

Shifting your business or operations into top gear and unlocking the potential of digital technology requires change managed by right sized methodologies and frameworks.

Understanding the skill level of your staff is vital when it comes to your current systems and future roadmap.

Turning change into the new opportunities delivering future success.

Purchasing ICT Services and Infrastructure is often a difficult process, sometimes made deliberately so by many vendors.

Stay informed with leading vendor independent insights.

ERP Modernisation

Local Government ERP Solutions Crunch

Right now, a lot of change is happening in the market for local government solutions. ERP software vendor boardrooms are flat out determining strategies to shift customers from their on-premise software to their cloud hosted platforms in order to secure their customer base for the

Councils on the Cloud

In a whitepaper I wrote 18 months ago, I forecast that Australian local authorities would soon confront substantial pressure when modernising or replacing their existing ERP solutions. This strain would come from several directions, primarily from the escalating necessity for digital transformation to meet public