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2021 ICT Benchmark Survey

Local Government
ICT Benchmark 2021

Australia’s first and only Local Government ICT Benchmark survey has launched again for 2021.

A significant number of Councils participated last year and obtained their free report that allowed them to compare how they stack up with their peers and other similar sized Councils.


Find out how you rank in IT staff ratio, Budget size, Top Strategic Initiatives, ICT Risks, Cloud Migration, Disaster Recovery, Council Software Satisfaction amongst other metrics.



Data Centre Size & Density

When discussing data centers with investors, owners, operators, managers and consumers, it has become apparent that something as simple as data center size and density can be readily misunderstood and interpreted differently across industries, businesses and countries.


This White Paper offers a standardized set of Data Center Facility Size and Density Ratings under the DCISE approach endorsed by the AFCOM Data Center Institute.


ICT Strategy

Fearless, straightforward and vendor independent ICT advice.


Australia’s leading vendor independent ICT consultants trusted Australia wide since 2003.

Smart cities leverage the wealth of human capital in residents and industry through leading-edge technology, commercial partnership and greater connectivity
Ensuring data integrity, functionality, performance and seamless service is critical to business success

ERP Strategy

Installation is only the first step in your ERP journey. Understand the road to success


Creating Environments for Digital Transformation

Change and Transformation

Shifting your business or operations into top gear and unlocking the potential of digital technology requires change managed by right sized methodologies and frameworks.