Cloud Computing Challenges

Cloud Computing Challenges – the experts all agree – plan carefully and avoid unnecessary pain!

A recent look at Cloud commentators around the world – confirmed what we at Strategic Directions already knew. (Eureka!!)

3 Internationally respected (but totally unrelated) Cloud Forum Organisations all agreed that one of the major concerns to customers when moving to the cloud was:-

Lack of resources and expertise                          (Open Cirrus :- )

Lack of resources and expertise                         (Cloud Tweaks :- )

People and Processes                                           (Forbes Technology Council :- )

The internationally regarded Forbes Technology Council comments “it’s critical not to get caught up in the hype….do proper planning.” Forbes offers firsthand insights on technology and business from elite CIOs, CTOs and other executives. They asked some of their senior members to identify challenges they thought a business might have to overcome when moving its operations to the cloud. This is what the executives (all from different organisations) had to say:-

  • Getting the solution right from a myriad of options
  • People and processes
  • Having a defined Strategy and associated Business Objectives
  • Getting over the psychological barriers (trusting your decision)
  • Time, cost and security challenges
  • Not getting caught up in the hype
  • Change Management issues (as with any major IT Project)
  • Dependable technological infrastructure
  • Accurately estimating the true costs of service
  • Avoid too much modification or customisation
  • One of the biggest challenges is translating your security posture to the cloud environment
  • The financial model – plan wisely!
  • Connecting legacy systems – they are most often not “cloud ready”


We note a very interesting point here !  The vast majority of the concerns identified have nothing to do with the actual technology!


This is not to demean Cloud solutions – the benefits are well known – merely to emphasise the “associated” issues that any organisation needs to be aware of, but which are often “lost in the translation.”


Other challenges identified by Open Cirrus included the lack of standards, different terminologies between vendors, lack of clear guidelines regarding the operations of cloud providers. Also, they note, bringing hybrid cloud infrastructure into the mix has made it even harder for organisations to determine the best choice.

The bottom line is – get objective advice and guidance before “setting sail” upon uncharted waters!