2016 Data Center World In Review


Strategic Directions have been Strategic Partners with Data Center World for the past 7 years and this year was not exception with both Mike Andrea, Director and Chris Goldstone, Managing Director attending the DCW 2016 held in Las Vegas on 14-18 March.

They joined more than 1,000 professionals across all industries from all around the world. They not only attended a plethora of educational sessions related to the industry they present on an array of sessions , Expert Panel Q&A and the Closing Session.

Here is just a taste of some of the topics which presented by them, which generated a lot of discussion; “Total Cost of Ownership – Defining Data Centre Options as part of cost of ICT Services”

“When businesses consider the choice of in-house, colocation or manage services (including cloud) for some or all of their ICT services, business owners and executives expect the true cost of ownership of each option to be fully inclusive of all related costs. They also expect demonstrated alignment to business priorities, including responsiveness, flexibility and business continuity goals. Data Centre decisions have the ability to affect ICT service costs, availability and performance. The session discussed critical components of the TCO models and defined a common set of metrics for use, considering core business, supply, maintenance, infrastructure and staff costs that should be assessed when presenting TCO comparisons an metrics”

Expert Q&A Track: “Organizational Convergence”

In today’s world of the data center, lines are being crossed and joined between all the segments of the IT industry. Come and have a conversation with an industry expert and with others about some of the trends being seen and what you are experiencing.

Closing Session: ”Introduction to the Data Center Institute’s White Paper: Convergence – Organizational Changes” (Expert Panel)

Expression of Interest

Attend our Data Center World “In Review” & Industry Networking event 26th May Contact rgoldstone@strategicdirections.com.au to reserve your seat today!

To wrap up, the team from Strategic Directions walked away with global insight but more importantly shared their knowledge and experiences regarding the industry. If you are fortunate to attend a DCW events it’s well worth the investment, who knows you may even get a chance to submit a case study to present at one of the sessions. Visit www.datacenterworld,om for more information or attend our Data Center World “In Review” Forum.