Data Centre Management and Design

At Strategic Directions we design and plan data centres for the long-term. We closely examine the corporate objectives of an organisation and deliver systems that are robust, flexible and available when they are needed.
Our experience is extensive and includes master planning for one of Australia’s most exciting and innovative ICT projects – the Polaris Data Centre at the Springfield city of the future near Brisbane.

Assessing the options:
When designing a data centre, good planning is essential.
We begin with understanding financial feasibility, and a full review of core systems and services infrastructure, such as power, communications systems, water and cooling. If these are not up to standard performance can be compromised.
Because we understand the factors that might jeopardise a smooth operation, we evaluate the options and plan accordingly.
Site location can be critical for new centres, and our data centre specialists work with you on the selection criteria and examine any issues concerning compliance.
Our reviews also cover existing centres, and we examine all aspects of the operation, from facilities and lifecycle management to the effectiveness of systems infrastructure in meeting business requirements.