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Your data is your most valuable business asset. Ensuring data integrity, functionality, performance and seamless service is critical to business success – which makes managing the design and planning of your Data Centre one of the most important commercial decisions you’ll make.

Strategic Directions is one of Australia’s leading data centre designers and planners, engaged by Federal State and Local Governments, multinational organisations and specialist data centre operators since 2003 to provide strategic, robust, scalable solutions that work – now and into the future.

Strategic Directions


Data Center Size and Density

When discussing data centres with investors, owners, operators, managers and consumers, it has become apparent that something as simple as data centre size and density can be readily misunderstood and interpreted differently across industries, businesses and countries.

In fundamental terms, what is regarded as “large” in one region is regarded as “small” in another, and what is regarded as “high” density by one organization is deemed “low” by others. So what is “large” and what is “high” in terms of data centre facilities?

Talk to us to discover how Strategic Directions can optimise your data centre management and performance.

Data Centre Project Case Study

Melbourne University Data Centre Project

“No outages please, we’re studying for the future”

The University of Melbourne is committed to utilising advances in technology to advance scientific research and development across a range of disciplines.

With the rapid advance of technology, it is often forgotten just what goes into providing all of that computing power. That little electron microscope that can view a DNA molecule in three dimensions also has a very hi-tech and costly data centre attached to it that provides the electricity, cooling, storage and backup of every byte of enormous amounts of data and computing power to render that DNA molecule in three dimensions.

The key criteria throughout the project…. This is a LIVE site!, all project works had to be successfully completed with ZERO downtime to the University services. Following months and months of planning, a staged approach whereby the projected was dived up into several smaller “micro projects” enabled the University to utilise the existing redundancy to upgrade and install all the new systems with zero downtime.

Strategic Directions has been providing specialist data centre knowledge and support to the University for a number of years and was delighted to be the commissioning agent for this project. Involved throughout the project from design to implementation and final witness testing, Strategic Directions is proud to be a trusted partner of the University.

The project, as at August 2018, is in its final rounds of commissioning and Integrated Systems Testing and is due to be successfully completed on time and on budget at the end of September.

Why Choose Strategic Directions?


With over 13 years’ proven experience, our exceptional customer retention rates are testament to our ability to understand client needs, deliver smart solutions, and plan for maximum efficiency, performance and security within your budget.


We provide IT, electrical, mechanical and structural expertise to ensure data centre solutions with high levels of rigour, redundancy and responsiveness. Your data and systems security and availability is paramount – we consider all critical dependencies, from location to power loads and physical access to deliver the highest levels of protection without compromising performance.


We work with you to conduct a 360° review, from objectives to outcomes, ensuring our solutions deliver functional, performance and commercial return on your ICT investment.



Our Approach

What We Do

Future Proofing

Technology demands and solutions are moving at an ever-accelerated pace. What meets your business needs today may be outdated tomorrow.

We address this commercial risk with a future-proof philosophy – scalability and flexibility are key to our data centre design, allowing for growth and integration with new technologies.

Our membership of the AFCOM Data Center Institute Board and active participation in national and international data centre events ensures our global knowledge and acknowledges our position as thought leaders in the data centre industry.

Tailored Management

Strategic Directions is staunchly vendor independent. We select data centre infrastructure solutions on performance, capacity, price and suitability. Your business and technical expectations are foremost in every project design.

We consider the most effective management plan for your organisation, from shared data centre facilities to in-house or outsourced facility management. Talk to us about a full cost-benefit analysis of your options.

Our engagement models are tailored to your objectives and include retainer, fee for service, project and standard business products.

Strategic Directions’ project management includes support and training for your in-house team, plus performance and reporting systems development.

We apply creativity, diverse experience, industry-leading expertise and rigorous analysis to deliver bespoke business solutions. Our focus is improving your operational efficiency and maximising return on your ICT investment.

Case Study: Springfield Lakes, QLD

Polaris Data Centre


Strategic Directions was the Design Authority on the $220 million Tier 3+ Polaris Data Centre Facility at Springfield – the fastest growing smart city in Australia.


A highly secure ICT facility shared by local business and government agencies.


Strategic Directions provided data centre design and planning, ICT expertise, master planning and project management for Springfield CBD, with the Polaris Data Centre widely considered one of Australia’s leading highly secure, purpose-built ICT facilities.

Our Process

Strategic Review

We undertake a full business review of core systems and infrastructure, financial feasibility, operational requirements and big picture business objectives.

Critical Success Factors

We consider all areas of data centre capability, including:

  • Power loading and cooling system capacity, which may impact power and water supply
  • Weight loading of infrastructure, which may exceed safe floor loading in multi-storey buildings
  • Resourcing – Data Centre Management requires not just skilled IT professionals, but operational and structural proficiency
  • Redundancy and availability, through events such as power outages, system maintenance and technical faults. We plan for failure, with fully developed contingency planning for seamless service delivery.

Efficient Solutions

We analyse your corporate objectives, financial feasibility and technical requirements to deliver data centre design and planning that exceeds expectations without unnecessary expense.

Vendor Independent – Data Centre Design and Planning Specialists

Our Other Services

Telecommunications Review

Telecommunications Review

Strategic Directions has extensive experience gained from working on the largest and most complex networks in Australia.

Data Centre Optimised

Data Centre Optimised

Vendor Independent Data Centre Design specialist Strategic Directions delivers a Data Centre Optimisation Service

Data Centre Managed

Data Centre Managed

Strategic Directions Managed Data Centre Services can provide clients with a fully managed data center

Tender Management

Tender Management

Many Organisations struggle with the mechanics of conducting a Tender Process for the procurement of IT or Telecommunications Goods and Services.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Vibrant, liveable, sustainable cities require more than traditional infrastructure – and are evaluated on more than simply financial return.

CIO Advisory Service

CIO Advisory Service

Strategic Direction’s External CIO Service allows a client access to skills and experience from multiple disciplines, on a customised retainer basis.

ICT Business Reviews

ICT Business Reviews

Strategic Directions offers vendor independent, specialist advice for your ICT investments.

Business Continuity Planning Service

Business Continuity Planning Service

This service allows for the development of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for your organisation

ICT Strategy Planning Specialists

The sole focus of Strategic Directions is to help clients improve their operational efficiency and maximise the return on their ICT investment