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    Cloud Computing Challenges

    Cloud Computing Challenges – the experts all agree – plan carefully and avoid unnecessary pain! A recent look at Cloud commentators around the world – confirmed what we at Strategic Directions already knew. (Eureka!!) 3 Internationally respected (but totally unrelated) Cloud Forum Organisations all agreed that one of the major concerns to customers when moving

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    Data Breaches

    Mandatory Disclosure and Statutory Notification a wakeup call for Business – November 2017   Recent news articles have highlighted the seriousness with which the Federal Government is treating Data Breaches affecting Australian organisations. This follows hot on the heels of the recent announcement that the Federal Government is planning to invest up to $140 m into

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    Three Key Components for Managing Cloud Services

    The traditional train of thought to managing vendors is changing with the wider adoption of cloud services. Partnerships are key for business critical ICT services; as is transparency as to both what the organisation expects and how the vendor proposes to provide the service.   Management of cloud based services requires a change in thought

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    ICT Governance In The Cloud – What Has Changed?

    With the increasing adoption and confidence in Cloud Computing Services, the new customer/vendor relationship impacts are changing significantly from how things have been done in the past. Organisations will buy services not products, will rely on vendors to deliver ICT services not hardware and software to support in-house service delivery and vendors become more entrenched

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    CLOUD REVERSAL – who would have thought……..?

    A few years ago, the cloud was touted as the answer to our prayers. A handful of Public Cloud Hyperscale firms like Microsoft, Google and Amazon were going to take the world by storm, with all other providers left to pick up the scraps.   A recent survey by CRN however, shows that all is

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    Edge Computing is this the key to Smart Cities and Internet of Things (IoT)?

    One industry leader – American giant AT & T recently committed to edge computing services that will see the company put micro data centres in its central offices and cell towers throughout North America. While acknowledging that hyper scale cloud has advantages in scale and efficiency – AT & T recognises that some things need

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    Texas Floods highlight the importance of Disaster Recovery Planning for Data Centres September 2017

    The recent flooding and storm damage brought on by Hurricane Harvey in Texas, is a timely reminder of the need to have a very sound disaster recovery plan for your data centre that has been tested as much as possible, and which anticipates as much as possible what could go wrong in the event of

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    Melbourne Trains debacle underlines the need for a greater focus on resilience and Disaster Recovery !

    Last week’s Melbourne Trains debacle provided graphic evidence that organisations need to be constantly alert and prepared for the worst, when it comes to their ICT operations! Whilst tens of thousands of commuters were left to fume about the inadequacy of their Train systems, Uber was the only winner, hiking fares from a normal $8.00

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    Penton Technology’s AFCOM and Data Center World Announce Strategic Alliance Partnership with Strategic Directions

    WEST CHESTER, Ohio, Feb. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Penton Technology’s AFCOM and Data Center World and Strategic Directions today officially announced a strategic alliance partnership. AFCOM and Data Center World have the mission to advance data center and IT infrastructure professionals by delivering comprehensive and vendor-neutral education and peer-to-peer networking to its members around the world. Strategic Directions is dedicated to

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