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How Legal Should Prepare for Crises in the Digital Era

Legal and compliance within your organisation are required to be as agile as your digital transformation strategy. Providing insights into what is important and the impacts on the business gives Legal the ability to be prepared.

Crisis management is exacerbated by digital disruption and the age of social media. General counsel should prepare their organizations now.

Source: How Legal Should Prepare for Crises in the Digital Era – Smarter With Gartner

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Rethinking disaster recovery for the cloud | CIO

The importance for organisations to ensure they have appropriate recovery provisions for ICT services that are aligned to your Business Continuity Plan is critical. You need to have a plan and testing regime to deal with all levels of disruption.

With the adoption of Cloud Services on the rise, the thought for how this impacts your Disaster Recovery Plan is even more important today.

Strategic Directions will review, update, test and maintain the Business Continuity Plans (BCP), IT Disaster Recovery Plan (ITDRP) and Crisis Management Plan for your Organisation.


DR practices that were designed for in-house computing are out of sync with the cloud world. If you haven’t already revised your DR plan for cloud computing, now’s the time.

Source: Rethinking disaster recovery for the cloud | CIO

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How to Discover the Real Business Value of IT

Providing the tools and strategic direction to clearly show you the real value of your IT is a cleaver and relevant ICT Strategy. This ensures your IT spend delivers results, reviewing investment, efficiency, functional performance and resource deployment to aligned with corporate objectives.

Information technology collects lots of performance metrics, but most IT leaders struggle to tell business stakeholders a meaningful story about the business value of IT.

Source: Business Value of IT

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