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Local Government ERP Solutions Crunch

ERP Modernisation

Local Government ERP Solutions Crunch

Right now, a lot of change is happening in the market for local government solutions. ERP software vendor boardrooms are flat out determining strategies to shift customers from their on-premise software to their cloud hosted platforms in order to secure their customer base for the next 5 to 10 years.

This is both an opportunity and a risk for Local Governments who are currently or soon to examine the future of their ERP solutions due to an approaching end date of current contracts and/or pressure from vendors to move platforms. The opportunity is knowing that the key ERP market players are in this position of fierce competition of attracting customers, and that the risk is facing the formidable sales machine of the software providers alone or without a plan!

In no way is this article intended to be negative. In fact, an ERP refresh or upgrade can be a fantastically positive process for a Local Authority to go through, however it just requires a considered approach. That is an eyes wide open, with all the facts laid out, before making your purchasing decision and project approach.

ERP solutions have a big impact on the operations of Councils in Australia. There has been a lot of movement in the past, but we believe there will be a significant change in the future. Refer to the graph below which shows the movement in ERP solutions for the last 10 years. For simplicity, we have presented this data based on Property Solutions as some Councils are using a best of breed combination of products.