Your Digital Transformation Maturity Model

If you have started your digital transformation journey, have you thought about every element, as they all contribute to your success. Many of these digital pillars separately deliver minor improvements in efficiencies but fall short when it comes to improving business operations, profit and return on investment. True transformation starts by scrapping old approaches and shifting from a product and service to a platform and network mentality.

This is what Strategic Directions can help you with looking at the 6 pillars of a true Digital Transformation Strategy, including

  1. Cloud & Edge
  2. Data & Security
  3. Resilience & Disaster Recovery
  4. Vendor / Account Management
  5. Skills & Resources
  6. Governance & Value Proposition
How Far Along Are You?

Digital Transformation News

Rethinking disaster recovery for the cloud | CIO

Rethinking disaster recovery for the cloud | CIO

The importance for organisations to ensure they have appropriate recovery provisions for ICT services that are aligned to your Business Continuity Plan is critical. You need to have a plan and testing regime to deal with all levels of disruption.

With the adoption of Cloud Services on the rise, the thought for how this impacts your Disaster Recovery Plan is even more important today.

Strategic Directions will review, update, test and maintain the Business Continuity Plans (BCP), IT Disaster Recovery Plan (ITDRP) and Crisis Management Plan for your Organisation.


DR practices that were designed for in-house computing are out of sync with the cloud world. If you haven’t already revised your DR plan for cloud computing, now’s the time.

Source: Rethinking disaster recovery for the cloud | CIO

How to Discover the Real Business Value of IT

How to Discover the Real Business Value of IT

Providing the tools and strategic direction to clearly show you the real value of your IT is a cleaver and relevant ICT Strategy. This ensures your IT spend delivers results, reviewing investment, efficiency, functional performance and resource deployment to aligned with corporate objectives.

Information technology collects lots of performance metrics, but most IT leaders struggle to tell business stakeholders a meaningful story about the business value of IT.

Source: Business Value of IT

Why Strategic Directions?

Digital Transformation Strategy

Step 1. Business Review

Are you getting Value from your current ICT Services and Investments?

Step 2. Strategic Plan

Clearly define your Strategic priorities and roadmap

Step 3. Solution Delivery

Deliver ICT services that align to your business needs.

ICT Strategic Planning Specialists

The sole focus of Strategic Directions is to help clients improve their operational efficiency and maximise the return on their ICT investment

Providing expertise in ICT Services, Data Centre Design & Planning and all advisory services

What We Do

The Strategic Directions Group sole focus is to help you
improve your operational efficiency and maximise the return
on your ICT and Data Centre Investments.

Creative Ideas

Deliver tangible business results that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Proven Success

Maintain our vendor independence ensuring that we can focus on delivering the best outcome for our customers

Innovative Support

Providing innovative solutions for both our organisations and our customers.

Our Key Services Brochure

Download our key services brochure to find a summary of all our key services.

Vendor Independent – ICT Strategists

Our Services

Telecommunications Review

Strategic Directions has extensive experience gained from working on the largest and most complex networks in Australia.

Data Centre Optimised

Vendor Independent Data Centre Design specialist Strategic Directions delivers a Data Centre Optimisation Service

Data Centre Managed

Strategic Directions Managed Data Centre Services can provide clients with a fully managed data center

Tender Management

Many Organisations struggle with the mechanics of conducting a Tender Process for the procurement of IT or Telecommunications Goods and Services.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Vibrant, liveable, sustainable cities require more than traditional infrastructure – and are evaluated on more than simply financial return.

CIO Advisory Service

CIO Advisory Service

Strategic Direction’s External CIO Service allows a client access to skills and experience from multiple disciplines, on a customised retainer basis.

ICT Business Reviews

ICT Business Reviews

Strategic Directions offers vendor independent, specialist advice for your ICT investments.

Business Continuity Planning Service

This service allows for the development of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for your organisation



Vendor Independent – ICT Strategy and Management Specialists

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