Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery Strategy Plan

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning (DR/BC) is something Strategic Directions have been helping clients with for over 14 years.

The importance for organisations to ensure they have appropriate recovery provisions for not only natural disasters but Power Failures, IT Software Failure, Human Error and Hardware Failure is critical – you need to have a plan to deal with all levels of disruption.

In such an event, companies need to not just look at the loss of data, revenue, IT services but reputation with employees, suppliers and customers.

All organisations have experienced some form of disaster, but it is those organisations that have a current DR/BC plan in place that deal with these effectively, reducing the impact to business operations, staff and customers.

The cost to business caused by potential disasters can be devastating, but worse is having to explain how this has happened to people affected, your staff, business partners and most importantly customers.

Five Questions to Ask Yourself?

  1. Can you locate your DR/BC Plan?
  2. What are your aspects of critical service and how quickly must they be recovered
    1. Customer Services (Phone, Email)
    2. Employee Services (Distribution, File Access)
  3. Team Responsibilities (Who is in your DR Team)
  4. Communication Assets (What is your plan dealing with media?)
  5. Are you certain your data is protected, recoverable, assessable and what is your data recovery time?

Vendor Independent with local skills and global knowledge Strategic Directions are happy to discuss your DR/BC plan to see if it will ensure the impact on your business is acceptable in the event of a disaster.

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What are your Critical IT services and how quickly must they be recovered?

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