External CIO Advisory Service

Support and complement your ICT Strategic Plan

Strategic Direction’s External CIO Service allows a Client access to skills and experience from multiple disciplines including telecommunications, IT service delivery, risk management, security, contract management and disaster recovery planning.


Our services achieve the following:

  • Define the value of ICT to the business
  • Align ICT to corporate priorities
  • Provide transparency of ICT services to stakeholders
  • Identify productivity improvements and cost savings
  • Effectively manage vendors to deliver quality services

The External CIO service provides defined outcomes and deliverables, tailored to suit each Client.

These include:

  • Operational Plan and Policy for ICT
  • ICT Service delivery status report
  • Define processes with SLA’s
  • Technology purchase options analysis
  • Technology evaluation reports – as needed
  • Documented IT architecture policy
  • Maintain BCP/DRP documentation
  • Develop, test and maintain IT DR and Backup systems and procedures
  • The External CIO Advisory Service is a Retainer Based service – services and advice are provided to Clients throughout the year, within a predetermined annual budget.
  • Strategic Directions provide the service based on an agreed monthly fee and agreed term.

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