Five Bold Predictions for the Data Centre in 2019

Data Centre White Paper – 2019

These provocative predictions are meant to challenge the thinking of anyone responsible for data center planning and strategy—because data center success requires us to get ahead of these changes, rather than constantly playing catch-up with the world around us.

The only predictable aspect of data center technology is its unpredictability. Change is often rapid, evolutionary and disruptive. For IT and data center professionals, staying ahead of the curve could easily mean the difference between
an organization’s success or failure. And for nearly four decades, AFCOM has stressed to its members the importance of remaining proactive and always moving forward. To accomplish that, we must be visionaries, capable of anticipating near- and long-term changes and acting to ensure data centers and businesses they support are prepared.


Prediction #1: Hyperscale Data Center Growth Hits a Wall
Prediction #2: Cloud Consumption Model Finally Forces Major IT Restructuring
Prediction #3: Dynamically Optimizing the New Cost-Model Portfolio
Prediction #4: Data Center Leaders Become Full Partners in Security and Compliance
Prediction #5: The Renaissance of Liquid Cooling

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Mike Andrea, Director, GAICD,
The Strategic Directions Group

Tad Davies, Sr. Vice President,
Bick Consulting Services

Hector Diaz, Sr. Partner,
iDiaz Advisors

Bill Doty, I.T. General Manager,
CH Robinson

Carrie Goetz, Global Director, of Technology,
Paige Electric

Hector Diaz, Sr. Partner,
iDiaz Advisors

Brad Mohler, Director of Global
Data Center Strategy and Portfolio Management, Oracle

Mark Monroe, President,
Energetic Consulting, Inc.

John Parker, Global Data
Center Operations and Disaster Recovery, Esri