Our Services

ICT management

Strategic Directions offers a comprehensive information and communications technology management service that supports
in-house capability or undertakes the major functions of a
Chief Information Officer.

We have no financial links with hardware, software or telecommunications vendors – which means our advice is independent and not influenced by a third-party relationship.

Most importantly, our company has a strong business focus and can ensure that your IT investment is strategically focused and aligned with corporate objectives.

In other words, we make certain that your IT spend is invested wisely. We prevent you from falling into the trap of over or under investing, and work with you to gain maximum benefit from
the technology.

And we don’t believe that one size fits all. We deliver a tailored technology solution aimed at improving your business performance.

Strategy development

An ICT strategy is an essential starting point in developing an ICT program that supports the delivery of corporate priorities. Our advisors work closely with clients to fully understand their business and whether current IT systems are appropriate for the task, now and in the future.

From this we develop a detailed technology strategy with options, budget estimates, and an implementation plan, which we are able to present to senior management or directors for approval.

ICT business plan

In cases where clients are already working to a technology strategy, Strategic Directions develops an annual ICT business plan to ensure that strategic priorities are delivered.

The plan covers specific actions, responsibilities and performance measures, and includes periodic reviews and progress reports of ICT performance against agreed timeframes and outcomes.

Structure and service reviews

Reviews of ICT structure, roles and responsibilities are an effective means of establishing if they are aligned with corporate priorities and day-to-day business needs.

This is a particular strength of Strategic Directions as our advisors are experienced in both technology and business.

As part of our service, we also develop appropriate position descriptions for all ICT roles in line with corporate standards, and provide support for clients when assessing new ICT staff.

Asset management programming and budgeting

To effectively manage your ICT investment, Strategic Directions can develop an asset register, and lifecycle and maintenance program, together with an associated ICT budget.

By integrating the maintenance schedule into your overall program or work, we make certain that funding and resources are managed for an effective ICT service.

Performance management frameworks

A performance management framework is an important tool to establish if ICT services are effectively supporting the needs of a business.

At Strategic Directions we develop and implement simple frameworks to measure performance against basic service level objectives, through to complex models that measure performance, trends, benefits and costs for each department or business unit.

It’s a tailored service with each framework designed to suit an organisation’s unique requirements.

Selection of business applications

Strategic Directions has the knowledge and expertise to make sure clients select the best applications to meet their business needs. The fact that we are vendor independent means we compare performance with whole-of-life costs and present the most cost-effective options.

We understand the purchasing processes of both government and commercial organisations, and use a selection methodology that prioritises your needs. Our project office can then oversee system implementation, including any change management.

ITIL readiness review and implementation

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a globally recognised collection of best practices for IT service management, which was recently adopted in Australia as standard AS8018.

Strategic Directions has extensive experience in the ITIL framework and can assist clients in becoming compliant. We are not ITIL auditors or trainers, but we do have real-world experience in making this service management model work effectively in an organisation.