How we work

Strategic Directions operates with the following principles

Great customer service
Deliver tangible business results that exceed our customers’ expectations.dreamstime_xs_184674

Respect for staff, customers, and suppliers
Respect the skills, roles, and responsibilities of our staff, customers, and suppliers.

Vendor independence
Maintain our vendor independence, to ensure that we can focus on delivering the best outcome for our customers.

Work as a team
Peer reviews, collective knowledge, work together.

Open communication
Maintain open and honest communication throughout the organisation and with the market (doctrine of no surprises).

Actively seek innovative solutions for both our organisations and our customers.

Fairness and honesty
Strategic Directions is an ethical organisation that will act fairly and honestly with staff, customers, and suppliers. Be respected by the marketplace Work towards maintaining a great market reputation.

Stay ahead of the game
Understand the ICT technology and product direction.