ICT Governance Framework Assessment

How Best Practice Frameworks Deliver Real IT Value

You need appropriate levels of corporate governance and transparency to determine the value that is created from implementing your IT investments. Strategic Directions gives you a detailed business plan outlining actions, responsibilities, governance models, performance metrics, reviews and progress reports against agreed outcomes.


For you already working to a technology strategy or digital transformation strategy we can help in optimising your strategy to deliver value.  Keep in mind there is no out-of-the-box IT Governance Framework that will work for you, this needs to be developed for the entire business.


Gartner uses this model to explain how IT Governance is a subset of Corporate Governance. This is even now becoming increasingly difficult with the rapid pace of IT and the nature of business.

As custodians of I&T, CIOs are often tasked to implement IT governance frameworks in their enterprises and are challenged by selecting and configuring the appropriate framework. This note, Part 1 of two, will help CIOs design the right IT governance framework and move toward implementation.

Source: Enterprise IT Governance, Part 1 — Obtaining a Mandate and Establishing the Scope

How is your ICT Governance  Framework?

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