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Disaster Recovery – Fast & Effective

Resilience. Improvement. Effective Disaster Recovery.

Recover from any disaster with good effective Disaster Recovery (DR) Planning.

Successful leaders adopt technology, systems and policies to build strong foundations for the future.

Your ICT Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery has been a common challenge for any organisation regardless of the industry or size. Some of the challenges that we have identified include ensuring recovery plans & overall strategy achieves alignment  with the real business needs. A stable and effective Disaster Recovery Strategy or Plan needs to continuously improve from trial and review, to ensure it has adapted to the internal and external changes of the business.

Define Your 100 Day Plan

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Obtain confidence that your data and business is supported by the resilient and redundant capabilities of ICT.

The 3 Best Practices and Processes for constant change

Organisational resilience refers to a business’s ability to adapt and evolve as the global market grows and respond to short-term shocks. The pandemic, natural disasters or significant changes in market dynamics all have a role in shaping the organisation to respond to long-term challenges.

Government has led in disaster recovery. Can it continue? We think so...

When it comes to cutting edge technology and IT advancements, federal, state and local governments are often criticised as slow to adapt to new technologies. In one area, however, government has often led: Disaster Recovery.


Disaster Recovery (DR) including key the data recovery plan is an organisation’s plan on how to respond to an extreme weather event, a cyber incident or any other cause of a major outage. 

Get inspired to discover what a
Fast & Effective DR Plan can look like.

Create responsive and flexible business models to

adequately prepare your organisation  for your any changing or emerging ICT requirements.

Local Government ERP Solutions Crunch

Right now, a lot of change is happening in the market for local government solutions. ERP software vendor boardrooms are flat out figuring out strategy on how to shift customers from their on-premises software to their cloud hosted platforms in order to secure their customer base for the next 5 to 10 years.

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Design a Cloud Strategy


Gartner posted an article outlining seven elements to a Cloud Strategy. These seven provide a good anchor point for any cloud strategy. Source: Gartner: Seven Elements for Creating an Enterprise Cloud Strategy 1. Ensure Cloud Strategy Follows Business Strategy Sometimes organisations can be more understanding

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Long Term Projects are having a comeback!

Gartner Forecasts Worldwide IT Spending to Grow 5.1% in 2022. “2022 is the year that the future returns for the CIO,” said John-David Lovelock, distinguished research vice president at Gartner. They [CIOs] are now in a position to move beyond the critical, short term projects over

Best Practice in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation that starts with a mission from the CEO or another leader like a mayor or executive team, often turns into a mega project. This is a project that everyone has to be a part of – even if they are against the change.