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Obtain confidence that your data and business is supported by the resilient and redundant capabilities of ICT.

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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Plan and prepare for all levels of internal and external disruption.

Shareholders, investors, ratepayers and customers expect businesses they invest in and do business with, to take seriously the risks and impacts that poor ICT risk & disaster planning can have on the resiliency of an organisation to survive.

Strategic Directions consultants have decades of experience as a trusted partner in establishing, testing and auditing ICT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans. Let us help you sleep at night knowing best practice frameworks have been applied to your organisation.

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The importance for organisations to ensure they have appropriate recovery provisions for not only natural disasters but Power Failures, IT Software Failure, Human Error and Hardware Failure is critical – you need to have a plan to deal with all levels of disruption.


Get prepared for our upcoming storm season and the busy holiday period with an adequate Disaster Recovery Plan.