ICT Strategy for Councils

Leading Councils Have an ICT Strategy

Importance of an IT strategy

Your ICT Strategy provides your blueprint for allocation of resources and your expected business outcomes, both now and into the future. Digital strategies or ICT Strategies play a key role in ensuring your COUNCIL performs effectively and has opportunities for innovation within your region.

Businesses and technology leaders have shown that those with a comprehensive digital strategy perform stronger financially.

Strategic Directions work with you to optimise your future investment and ICT framework without unnecessary expense and with a clear alignment to your community priorities.

Strategic Directions

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Why Choose Strategic Directions?


With over 13 years’ proven experience, our strategic advisory service marries technological proficiency with business expertise. Our strong commercial focus ensures all recommendations meet critical KPIs and deliver return on your investment.


We apply global industry standard frameworks (such as Information Technology Infrastructure Library framework), to optimise practices for IT service management and reporting. Our advisory service considers strategic priorities, ICT structure and resourcing, corporate objectives and standards, performance management and robust measurement to ensure every dollar spent enhances
your commercial advantage.


We work with you to conduct a 360° review, from objectives to outcomes, ensuring our solutions deliver functional, technical and commercial performance, and return on your ICT investment.



Vendor Independent – ICT Strategy and Management Specialists

Our Other Services

Telecommunications Review

Strategic Directions has extensive experience gained from working on the largest and most complex networks in Australia.

Data Centre Optimised

Vendor Independent Data Centre Design specialist Strategic Directions delivers a Data Centre Optimisation Service

Data Centre Managed

Strategic Directions Managed Data Centre Services can provide clients with a fully managed data center

Tender Management

Many Organisations struggle with the mechanics of conducting a Tender Process for the procurement of IT or Telecommunications Goods and Services.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Vibrant, liveable, sustainable cities require more than traditional infrastructure – and are evaluated on more than simply financial return.

CIO Advisory Service

CIO Advisory Service

Strategic Direction’s External CIO Service allows a client access to skills and experience from multiple disciplines, on a customised retainer basis.

ICT Business Reviews

ICT Business Reviews

Strategic Directions offers vendor independent, specialist advice for your ICT investments.

Business Continuity Planning Service

This service allows for the development of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for your organisation

ICT Strategy Planning Specialists

The sole focus of Strategic Directions is to help clients improve their operational efficiency and maximise the return on their ICT investment