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2 Steps for creating a security conscious workforce

2 Steps for creating a security conscious workforce

The rise of remote working is also blurring the lines between work, home life and caring responsibilities. This has a notable, and understandable, impact on our levels of concentration and ability to make optimal decisions. Remote working has also changed the way we approach personal security: many people leave their computers unlocked at home, as well as using more non-enterprise devices and software for work, unwittingly creating vulnerabilities.

  1. Review

To prepare for increasing cyber threats organisations should:

  • Review their current cyber awareness, training and communication strategy to align it with business and technology strategy changes that address the long-term requirements of a new hybrid workforce.
  • Communicate clearly how the cybersecurity function is supporting the change in approach given people’s day to day work life.
  • Reduce uncertainty by providing greater visibility on cybersecurity to the board and management using business-focused cyber metrics and reporting frameworks, and
  • Make sure employees know what behaviours are expected and what resources are available to support them. For example, expectations of front-line staff will be different to back-office staff, or onsite versus remote workers.

  1. Leverage strategic partnerships

Budgets are finite of course. Regional government agencies should invest in those skills that deliver the greatest ROI and make strategic choices to source or co-source specialist skills where needed.

With a recognised shortage in cyber talent in Australia, organisations should consider investment in capability that removes the reliance on internal human capital. Partnerships with reputable managed service providers also provides a way to balance reliance on specialist skills.

Government agencies are well placed Australia-wide to work together to share ideas, resources and establish partnerships to better leverage highly-skilled cyber professionals.

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