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Adapting to the “New Normal”

Covid Recovery ICT

Adapting to the “New Normal”

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Day 3


Our Road Trip Recovery has certainly been a productive trip around Regional NSW.  As organisations have found, we have had to adapt to the ‘New Normal’ of working and we have adapted well to the remote working via Zoom and other means to keep connected to our teams and customers. However, sometimes there is great value in a face to face meeting. To make this happen in these times we need to plan effectively and be mindful of Covid-19 restrictions and local policies. 


We have planned our regional visits to make these face to face meetings valuable and clearly identify outcomes we can follow up using our remote working methods.  Meetings with our customers in the Wagga region have been fantastic and we have worked collaboratively on strategic issues and opportunities that will optimise their business outcomes enabled by ICT Services.   


Special thanks to our customers in the Wagga Regional for making time available over the last couple of days.