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Bouncing Forward – 3 things that help to manage complex change

Bouncing Forward – 3 things that help to manage complex change

Bouncing forward – how to manage complex change

Organisations will tend to approach adverse events and situations in a particular way. The pandemic has changed all our outlooks. ICT security threats and  particularly ransomeware are disruptive events like the pandemic and because of the increasing complexity and the interdependencies of our well connected world, its hard to touch something here, and not affect something over there or something else down the line. The result is that it is getting harder to simply deliver on a strategy quickly, to achieve organisational goals and we end up in one of these four positions with varying degrees of pain or other:

  1. Decline: An organisation accepts that adversity may cause it to decline significantly or cease operating.
  2. Survive: An organisation’s resilience objective is to exist in a reduced form after adversity.
  3. Bounce back: An organisation’s resilience objective is to regain pre-adversity position quickly and effectively.
  4. Bounce forward: An organisation’s resilience objective is to improve aspects of the organisation’s functioning so that in adversity, it not only survives but possibly gains from the situation.


These organisational responses to threats can be reviewed at Resources (

“An organisation cannot foresee or plan for every possible disruption. Leading organisations invest in the capabilities required to respond flexibly to disruptive events. Resilient organisations maximise their opportunities and adapt and learn from adversity, gaining a competitive edge and becoming more profitable. Research and evidence continue to demonstrate that organisational resilience translates to increased profitability during normal business operations as well as following a crisis or disruptive event”.

Planning, reviewing, and insight builds confidence.

Organisations and leaders who want to bounce forward need insight and help to change. Benchmarking insights and insights from other organisational lenses often go together as part of diverging to solve ill-defined problems. Building confidence by managing threats and ongoing disruption is no doubt linked to good strategic goal outcomes. 

Finding another set of trusted eyes and ears – with some expertise to assist is what Strategic Directions does. We all want to build a long-term resilient outlooks as leaders and organisations adept to manage complex change, because it seems like it is going to be the way forward in a disrupted world.