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Buy Local, Regional Partners 

Buy Local, Regional Partners 

Buy Australian, keep your hard-earned money circulating here. So easy to say but often so hard to do.

As an Ex CIO of Local Government, I know how hard it is to select and continues to use Australian goods and services from Australian owned company’s. I also understand that not all goods can be manufactured here.
When it comes to services and travel, we do have the best, just the internationals spend so much on marketing.

Where it really hits home is Australian produce, livestock and dairy. Travelling around Queensland country towns at the moment, it is so sad to see so many businesses closed.

Yes, there have been other factors, but if we don’t start focusing on buying good quality Australian goods, services and travel from Australian companies at a sustainable price, it will continue to consume our country.
You do have to go far to see empty businesses outnumbering ones that are operating, just go to Ipswich 45k from Brisbane. There are more shops empty in the CBD than operating, so many country towns are the same.
Smart citizens know to have smart Cities you need to grow the economy, circulating money in Australian services and goods do just that.
#smartcities #Australianmade

Source: Jim Barclay posted on LinkedIn