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Delivering Real ICT Value with Strategy!

Delivering Real ICT Value with Strategy!

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Gartner Says Global IT Spending to Reach $3.8 Trillion this year. We know that our digital business is maturing but does this mean we know more about the value it creates.
If we take a step back and look at each part of our IT investment, efficiencies, functional performance, resource deployment and what percentage of expenditure is governed by contracts, it is clear reviewing your Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) can be an opportunity.
Something as simple as Automation can provide real value. Simple items like an online request form and a set of templates can be the start of the journey in producing real value from you this IT Investment.
Below is a diagram outlining CLM Automation from Gartner (ID: 378815)
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Contract life cycle management applications digitize and automate the contracting process to improve the speed, efficiency, visibility and compliance of legal-document management across an organization. This report will help application leaders responsible for CLM shortlist suitable vendors.

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