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Microsoft Teams bugs – are you across the new norm?

Teams IT Governance

Microsoft Teams bugs – are you across the new norm?

This example of how deploying IT systems without proper Governance can create vulnerabilities that were not expecting. An adequate governance plan will identify this before you deploy – which can only help the outcome right?

Microsoft Teams has become a popular collaboration tool as the Covid-19 pandemic has forced us all to work remotely, and along with competitors Slack, Zoom and Google Hangouts we have a new way of working.

We have been delivering fiercely vendor independent IT advice and helping federal, state and local authorities in addition to schools, universities and others to plan, deliver and reap the benefits of good project governance since 2003 – with International Master Planning Awards. Feel free to call us and chat. We would be glad to let you speak with a couple of our clients and let them tell you how Strategic Directions does it better. 

Source: Remotely exploitable Microsoft Teams bugs required no interaction

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