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How to execute an ICT Strategic Plan

How to execute an ICT Strategic Plan

Turning an ICT Strategy into Reality

You now have your ICT Strategic Plan – What Now!

We have all had an ICT Strategic Plan created either by our internal staff, specialised contractor or a consultancy firm.

Even fewer of us have seen this plan through to the end to deliver the intended results.

With the definition for “Strategy” from the Oxford English Dictionary being “a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.”

We can focus on the premise for strategy being a long-term or overall aim.

The question to ask is,

How is your ICT Strategy coming along in achieving your intended outcomes?

Have you just started the journey?

What is the Optimal way to manage our ICT Strategic Plan?

Are you a few years into the strategy?

Can you see noticeable difference?

Strategic Directions specialises in creating and most importantly executing ICT Strategies for all levels of Government and Large Commercial Organisations. Providing External CIO Advisory Service, implementing ICT methodology and delivering tangable results  at all levels within the organisations. Below are some complimentary services we provide to assist you in achieving your end goal.

Support and complement your ICT Strategic Plan