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Is the quickest and most economically journey always the best? – Day 2

Digital Journey

Is the quickest and most economically journey always the best? – Day 2

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Day 2

Strategic Directions is taking the start of the new financial year to begin a journey.  Our focus has always been to deliver a mentoring, collaborative and educative approach to enhance our clients ICT service culture and strategic success. Many organisations, especially those on their Digital Transformation Journey, lack a clear definition of their digital service ambitions, so they struggle to prioritise what is essential. So in Day 2 of our Road Trip to Recovery, and we decided to take the longer route through our regional towns to explore and take the time to connect with our regional customers and partners. Our guiding principles to offer “Great Customer Service.” and “Respect for Staff, Customers and Suppliers” were the foundation for starting this Journey.

We could have arrived quicker and cheaper, but like your Digital Transformation Journey, it is not who arrives at the destination the fastest but who succeeds in bringing along the entire organisation and learning from the steps throughout the Journey.

Speaking with our regional customers and partners, connecting and understanding their blueprint that supports their business strategy and operations, we can work with them through a 360° business engagement process to optimise ICT services in line with business priorities.

This is the goal, and we will keep you updated on our Journey. Look at the beautiful places we visited that would not have been possible flying over in a plane.

Thank you to everyone at Parks NSW @VisitNSW