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The 3 Best Practices and Processes for constant change

The 3 Best Practices and Processes for constant change

Organisational resilience refers to a business’s ability to adapt and evolve as the global market grows and responding to short-term shocks. The pandemic, natural disasters or significant changes in market dynamics all have a role in shaping the organisation to respond to long-term challenges. According to the Australian Government, organisational resilience matters because: 

  • The viability and sustainability of organisations continue to be tested in a world that is constantly changing.
  • Many organisations realise that traditional corporate strategies are not protecting them from unexpected events – we can see that now as we all learn to roll with the punches with Covid…
  • And organisations need to be able to absorb an event that necessitates change, to adapt and continue to maintain their competitive edge and profitability.

The best practices to evolve and adapt

How then do organisations become more resilient? The key is in the practice of adapting, and the following three best practices show how leaders evolve and deftly adapt to constantly changing business environments:

1. Planning more frequently and proactively: More than 60% of leaders revise plans continuously or monthly, supporting rapid adaptation to change do more than survive.

2. Applying lean and agile practices more broadly: Leaders driving organisation-wide agile transformation, streamlining strategy execution can achieve higher-quality outcomes.

3. Using technology to inform decision making: Leaders that have more access to real-time, accurate data and analytics have more powerful keys for making complex decisions and pivots.

Clearly change, ICT disruptions via security threats, and other ongoing issues related to the pandemic, present considerable challenges to us all as individuals and the organisations we work in. Adapting and perhaps implementing a quick 3 step plan to develop resilience is a key-way to absorb the pressures of our every changing environments moving ahead where complex change remains a characteristic of every day life.

Uncertainty and constant change are here to stay but just taking small steps daily, weekly and monthly, monitoring and adapting, can help the bumps seem less difficult to overcome.