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The 5 interconnected areas for confidence during uncertain times

The 5 interconnected areas for confidence during uncertain times

Two things on which we can all agree is that recent times have been characterised by disruption, and that complex change is now the new constant. Moving faster during disruption and change means we must somehow embed agility into strategy execution processes and plans. Somehow we must create the adaptability to deal with uncertainty as it occurs. But how?

According to a Planview-sponsored benchmark HBR Report: The State of Strategy Execution: Embracing Uncertainty to Adapt at Speed, by employing five key practices, leaders of any organisation can build extreme confidence moving ahead.

5 recognised improvements of the new constant.

Pivoting strategies and plans more rapidly – by more frequent strategic reviews

Reallocating funding and budgets – which is the response to complex change as it presents

Reprioritising work execution and delivery – responding to disruption like the pandemic

Realigning people and teams – to ensure your organisation is working on the right things at the right time, and

Accessing and analysing data for decision making – looking to benchmarks and strategic reviews to ensure alignment.

Making swift, informed changes requires understanding the dependencies between these areas and the impacts of proposed decisions. For example, what are the cascading effects of moving a team to newly prioritised work? Or, what is the impact of not making that team move?

How to do it

Revising ICT to align more readily with strategic goals is the key to adapting rapidly to changes we have to make strategically at the moment, and newly revised work focuses. Leaders, who are seeking solutions that bring together an executive line of sight, adaptive prioritisation and funding, flexible resource planning and capabilities like scenario planning, can build extreme confidence despite uncertainty and disruption. Speed and agility are the new adaptive capabilities to manage complex change and the gateway to delivering value in times of uncertainty and disruption.

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