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The Future of your Data Centre

The Future of your Data Centre

Gartner has made a clear prediction that the rise of cloud computing, traditional enterprise data centres are adapting and evolving.

What the infrastructure and operations leaders decide on what they will do about on-premises infrastructure architectures will shape the next few years.

The key area’s that are to be considered mentioned by Gartner…

  • Hybrid IT has become mainstream, and future IT infrastructures will not be limited to a single environment, such as on-premises, cloud, edge, colocation or managed hosting.
  • Enterprise data centre infrastructures are becoming increasingly business-driven, simplified, rationalized and standardized.
  • As technology becomes more intelligent, automated, software-defined and modernized, data centre resiliency will improve.

This will shape how we plan, execute and grow in 2020.

Assumptions by Gartner

By 2025, the number of microdata centres will quadruple, due to technological advances, such as 5G, new batteries, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) and various software-defined systems (SDx).
By 2025, enterprise data centres will have five times more computational capacity per physical area (square feet) than today.

With the rise of cloud computing, traditional enterprise data centers are adapting and evolving. Here, we examine the key trends shaping the future of enterprise data centers and helping infrastructure and operations leaders make informed decisions about on-premises infrastructure architectures.

Source: The Future of Enterprise Data Centers — What’s Next

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