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The Master Government CIO

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The Master Government CIO

According to Gartner, the government is a unique and risk-averse environment with chronic underinvestment in technology, a cost-centric view of IT, and a proliferation of data and digital roles, yet often scarce digital leadership. To succeed and advance during this period of uncertainty, government CIOs must become master CIOs.

Source Gartner:

8  Steps to Becoming a Master CIO in government

  1. Act as Business Leader more than a CIO. What business pain does ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) or other solutions solve and how can we use it to really get value for the investment?
  2. Have an Industry Vision. Remember your the leader in a fast-moving ever-changing security-focused space. Try to stay abreast of the current industry focuses if you can – and this may mean more reading around Cyber risk.
  3. Are you subject to any business metrics? Maybe place someone on IT and yourself in teams that are involved in incident management? Are you improving your skills in your team – seeing them developed well?
  4. Work on your EQ (emotional quotient) and try to ensure your people skills – communications is the key and the strength of relationships you can build.
  5. Measure and be bimodal – that is ensure your statistics, the performance of different parts of your service desk or teams are measured and you can recount them readily.
  6. Design culture and implement steps to make sure IT and your team are ready for anything – ready to adapt.
  7. Look for additional capabilities outside of IT. There are other little steps such as being more visionary than a command and control leader, focusing and exemplifying values others aspire to and focusing on the innovators in your teams and not just technology. It is the people who deliver the services who interact with your customers every day, that innovate or come up with workarounds often. 
  8. Reward your innovators.
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