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Three Key Focus Points for post COVID Regional Leaders

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Three Key Focus Points for post COVID Regional Leaders

We all know that the pandemic will one day be behind us and hopefully soon? But that doesn’t mean that we all can return to business as usual. 

Our current environment sees councils and regional authorities pivoting quickly and refocusing attention to solve critical challenges including building resilience and the ability to bounce forward. 

Contributing to our way ahead in this “new world” is widespread social anxiety and even geopolitical uncertainty. Our trading partners continuing to move away or other, and the threats within ICT security and data loss are truly markers that the world has changed forever. 

Regional councils in Australia having their data locked up to Ransomware? We are working with regional councils on plans to avoid this happening – watch this space for more. However, for regional leaders, to bounce forward requires a focus on three critical areas for productivity gains regionally:

1. Climate and sustainability – and this may include how you manage water and meter this resource.
2. How to digitally transformation – to deliver a more connected experience for communities and even helping you fix connection “Black Spots” in your region.
3. Becoming resilient as leaders and as organisations – in order to deliver on strategic goals or other ahead.

Organisations that deliver community value, or companies that can develop “competitive advantage” to allow them to thrive now and in the future are struggling with the speed of change. The speed of change taking place today means that with what limited budget and resources you have, acting quickly—and boldly results in keeping up.

Strategic Directions has the experience and insights to help in real time. Since 2003 we have been ICT Master Planners, and advisors to all levels of government in Australia, and currently work with regional authorities across the country to help them deal with change.

Our benchmarked data, experience and capability will help you deliver the value of your strategic goals as a commercial enterprise or regional authority. But don’t take our word for it. Be sure to call and we would be glad to let you speak to one of our clients, and have them tell you how we do it better.