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The University of Melbourne is committed to utilising advances in technology to advance scientific research and development across a range of disciplines.

With the rapid advance of technology, it is often forgotten just what goes into providing all of that computing power.  That little electron microscope that can view a DNA molecule in three dimensions also has a very hi-tech and costly data centre attached to it that provides the electricity, cooling, storage and backup of every byte of enormous amounts of data and computing power to render that DNA molecule in three dimensions.


The key criteria throughout the project…. This is a LIVE site!, all project works had to be successfully completed with ZERO downtime to the University services.


Following months and months of planning, a staged approach whereby the project was dived up into several smaller “micro projects” enabled the University to utilise the existing redundancy to upgrade and install all the new systems with zero downtime.


Strategic Directions has been providing specialist data centre knowledge and support to the University for a number of years and was delighted to be the commissioning agent for this project.  Involved throughout the project from design to implementation and final witness testing, Strategic Directions is proud to be a trusted partner of the University.  The project, as at August 2018, is in its final rounds of commissioning and Integrated Systems Testing and is due to be successfully completed on time and on budget at the end of September.

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