Digital Process Innovation and revamping your technology infrastructure to grow

McKinsey and McKinsey put out an interesting paper around the digital process of innovation. The article focused on merges and one of the first tasks; streamlining the IT systems in a complex environment. Whether you are in a merger or not legacy systems are costly and can be frustrating when trying to integrate new processes during a push for innovation.

IT leaders are reviewing their options for building new agile frameworks for existing and acquired systems. Digital process innovation can assist companies simply their technology landscape and reduce overall IT costs, bring services and products to market quicker and thus make companies more competitive.

At Strategic Directions we make a framework for this technology suite taking into consideration your business activities and operating models. We can assist you evaluate your software applications with the different business functions in mind and spot redundancies. Maybe you just need some advice, perhaps you know what you want but need to define it or you may have defined the outcome but are stuck on what to do next?















This service provides Business Process Mapping, in line with industry best practices. This may include the review and remodeling of existing business processes to optimise the use of IT services, or the creation of new processes, to achieve your desired business outcome.

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