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Building Connected Communities

Vibrant, liveable, sustainable cities require more than traditional infrastructure – and are evaluated on more than simply financial return. Smart cities leverage the wealth of human capital in residents and industry through leading-edge technology, commercial partnership and greater connectivity. Connected communities deliver a competitive edge – creating new opportunities and new industries, to accelerate economic growth, improve community engagement and outcomes, and create greater efficiencies and seamless service delivery.

Strategic Directions’ Smart Cities Strategic Advisory Service is designed to enable councils, developers and investors to align through technology, investment and marketing resourcing to create highly liveable, productive, intelligent communities. We provide tailored strategic advice specific to your economic conditions and region, to respond to your community’s needs now, and position your region for future success.

Strategic Directions is one of Australia’s leading ICT Strategy and Management specialists, engaged by Federal and State Governments, multinational organisations and Local Government Agencies since 2004 to provide executive-level strategic advice and planning.

Strategic Directions

We provide tailored strategic advice specific to your economic conditions and region

Smart City Insights

Edge Computing is this the key to Smart Cities and Internet of Things (IoT)?

One industry leader – American giant AT & T recently committed to edge computing services that will see the company put micro data centres in its central offices and cell towers throughout North America.

While acknowledging that hyper scale cloud has advantages in scale and efficiency – AT & T recognises that some things need to have processing power much closer to the source of the data. The advantages will be lower latency, highly parallel, near real-time workloads that will play a huge role in many other emerging applications including IoT, Smart City applications, Smart Phone applications, autonomous cars, AR/AV and robotics.

In a recent US Government Technology publication – scientists predict that IoT and Smart City projects will force the move of more computing to the networks edge. They say that moving processing power to the edge of networks would solve many of the toughest problems associated with robotics and computing Infrastructure.

IoT, Smart City applications and data analytics mean connecting pools of data that never needed to be brought together before. Traditionally, organisations have maintained data silos successfully, without sharing – but the advent of Smart City and IoT technologies is forcing the move away from silos to more open and mutual sharing of systems and data.

Another interesting by-product of this development will see greater use of better and more powerful sensors including RFID – by adding processing capability that will allow them to act on a real time basis.  The increased deployment of sensors on roads, bridges, and other infrastructure is already happening particularly in Smart City applications around the world. In years to come the current sensors will improve exponentially in terms of power, capability and intelligence.

In Smart City situations, the growing need by city leaders for more operational intelligence and a greater focus on the needs of the community will drive the need for edge computing power. Currently there are advanced IoT and Smart City applications (using edge computing methodologies) underway in Mesa, Arizona / Palo Alto, California, Chicago, Illinois, and Los Angeles. In the words of the team involved “ we are moving the algorithm to the data and not the data to the algorithm.”


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Why Choose Strategic Directions?


The Strategic Directions Group is privately owned, proudly Australian and internationally recognised for our expertise in the eld of ICT strategy.


With depth of experience in award-winning smart city strategy, Strategic Directions comprises a diverse talent pool of smart city strategists and analysts. We have been developing ICT master plans and associated digital economy strategies since 2004 – from strategy to implementation and lifecycle management, our team is highly qualified and experienced.


We marry ef ciency, effectiveness and usability with creative innovations to deliver truly tailored, future-focused solutions.



Digital Transformation

Smart Cities Strategy

We work with you to map a clear strategic vision, enable innovation, foster leadership and plan seamless implementation. From strategic development to concept and design, we apply robust metrics to deliver the greatest outcome with the most ef cient resource allocation – considering budget, timeframe, buildability and product availability constraints.

Our comprehensive Smart City advisory service for cities and regions supports your in-house capability, or can undertake the key functions of a Chief Digital Of cer – leveraging our extensive experience with your local knowledge. Our services include ICT master planning, regional digital economy strategy, integration of Internet of Things, smart metering and monitoring, identi cation and engagement of partners, data hub design, telecommunications strategy, data centre strategy, data centre design and strategic vendor engagement and management.

We consider the requirements and design of telecommunications and data centre infrastructure to support your smart city strategy. Our considerations include;
Telecommunications Implications Considered

  • Network type pricing structure
  • Bandwidth and available carriage services, such as dark fibre
  • Carrier capabilities and capacity
  • System architecture
  • High-availability requirements
  • Multi-carrier versus single-carrier network architecture
  • Internet gateway locations Data Centre Implications Considered
  • Data centre ownership model (owned / leased / co-location)
  • Data centre location and proximity to multi-carrier services
  • Role of the data centre (primary, secondary, disaster recovery)
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery plan
  • Data centre maximum distance limitations by network protocol
  • Storage system requirements for high-availability
  • ICT resourcing (staff) model
  • ICT systems backup model
  • Onsite support requirements

Tailored Management

Strategic Directions is staunchly vendor independent. We select ICT solutions and applications on performance, capacity, price and suitability. Productivity and strategic outcomes are foremost in every program design.

We consider the most effective management plan for your needs. Our project of ce can work with you on systems transition, or provide strategic guidance for internal delivery.

Our engagement models are tailored to your objectives and include retainer, fee for service, project and standard business products.

Strategic Directions’ advisors are highly qualified with diverse experience at executive management level. We understand both technical application and business imperatives, ensuring all recommendations are rmly grounded in results, return and resource efficiency.

Locally focussed, globally recognised. As AFCOM USA’s Strategic Alliance Partner, and with representation on the Data Center Institute USA and previous membership of CCIQ Technology Committee and AIIA Queensland Committee (2011 to 2013), we regularly present at national and international conferences and events on the emerging trends and issues facing smart city planning and implementation.

Talk to us to discover how Strategic Directions can position your smart city and connected community for future success.

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