Telecommunications Review

Telecommunications is a critical service to your business, but one that is

Strategic Directions has extensive Telecommunications experience gained from working on some of the largest and most complex networks in Australia.

The benefits of a Telecommunications Review is it will provide you with a clear understanding of your major exposures in relation to cost, equipment and service providers, identify quick wins and assist in developing a robust framework for ongoing management.

Our review will cover:

Billing Cost Analysis

  • High level review of your telecommunication bills Identify errors, overcharging, appropriate plans

Equipment and Service inventory

  • Inventory of all major equipment
  • High level health check; risk assessment
  • Identify redundant services

Telecommunications Management

  • Policies and process relating to ordering, management and usage.
  • High level Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery review

Review of Maintenance and Service Contracts

  • Are contracts current and suitable
  • Are the levels of service being met by vendors

Professional report detailing recommendations and quick wins

  • Report will detail findings, key recommendations and quick wins for reducing cost and risk.