The Strategic Directions Group

How We Work

Strategic Directions operates with the following principles

Great customer service
Deliver tangible business results that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Respect for staff, customers, and suppliers
Respect the skills, roles, and responsibilities of our staff, customers, and suppliers.

Vendor independence
Maintain our vendor independence, to ensure that we can focus on delivering the best outcome for our customers.

Work as a team
Peer reviews, collective knowledge, work together.

Open communication
Maintain open and honest communication throughout the organisation and with the market (doctrine of no surprises).

Actively seek innovative solutions for both our organisations and our customers.

Fairness and honesty
Strategic Directions is an ethical organisation that will act fairly and honestly with staff, customers, and suppliers. Be respected by the marketplace Work towards maintaining a great market reputation.

Stay ahead of the game
Understand the ICT technology and product direction.

Our Customer Values

Strategic Alertness

We ask the tough questions because, strategic agility is our competitive edge. We outthink the competition. You want to create sustainable growth, stay relevant, curious and this requires constant learning and awareness as well as a business mindset. We have this as a core so we can provide you the best thinking and ensure you make the right decisions without bias. We help you nail it so you can scale it. We transform your business strategy into a digital infrastructure. . As our logo indicates, we don’t fit in a box – and we think outside the square.

Independent Advice

We made a decision early on not to align ourselves with any one technology vendor so we could provide you with impartial advice. Integrity is important to us and we wanted to ensure that we could always recommend the right solution for you without compromise.

Seriously Passionate

Any business consultant can advise technology solutions, but we go deeper. We are serious about providing the right solutions. Our solutions enable a transformational change to businesses and so it to us serious business. We are passionately serious about developing serious partnerships and continuing our track record of success.

Technical Experts

We are the best at what we do in the business. We have experienced staff and look to partners that appreciate that expertise and quality we bring to everything we do. We work with you to determine the best technology to assist your growth. We can paint the picture of possibilities that you can’t possibly know. It’s okay, its our passion

Customer Centric

It is important that our communication doesn’t miss a beat so we leverage every insight and opportunity. You are at the center of all that we do and so our approach and our solutions are always customer centric. We are open at having a chat but rest assured we always have our finger on the pulse of your business so you have space to innovate and grow.

Mission Statement

The Strategic Directions Group sole focus is to help our clients improve their operational efficiency and maximise the return on their ICT and Data Centre Investments.

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