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3 Steps of Strategic Response

Strategic Response

3 Steps of Strategic Response

Covid-19 has changed the way we all work, communicate and impact the wider world we all know. We start to settle into a new way of working in a world that has been turned temporarily upside down we all search for new or enhanced ICT services.

These 3 steps can help in reviewing your current situation, determining your strategic priorities and plan for your future success. 

A. Available Technology

Assess what services, solutions and technology you have available, that is secure and suitable to support your immediate organisational objectives. Understand your current capabilities and the areas where you will need immediate assistance from your ICT partners.
Be clear about what you need in the short term and define how you will measure short term success.

Strategic Response

B. Strategic Priorities

Understand the tactical responses to our changing environment and identify the strategic priorities for the future way of working. It is important to be clear about the future business priorities and understand the expected outcomes to be provided through your future ICT services.
Providing Vendor Independent guidance will give you information to prepare your ICT services for the future.

C. Future Direction

Develop an action plan that will define the future technologies and responses to optimise ICT services that will enable your strategic business priorities. The action plan will ensure that your ICT services will evolve and transform to meet the new organisational objectives. The future Business as Usual model will be quite different.

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