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Vendor Management Solutions “SolarWinds”

Vendor Management Solutions “SolarWinds”

The United States issued an emergency warning, ordering users to disconnect and disable SolarWinds software which it said had been compromised by “malicious actors.”

SolarWinds motto is “One vendor. One platform. One single pane of glass”. This meaning might not be as valuable as it once was… 

Managing vendor-related risks is a topic that sometimes does not get mentioned through the sales process. We deliver fiercely vendor independent straight talk to help you get the best result when choosing a vendor.

Always being 100% vendor-independent, we have no allegiances to any product, software or service and will work with you to assess your ICT opportunities and risks to get the best business outcomes. It was a software update allowed hackers to spy unnoticed via the Solar Winds security products for almost nine months. A good cyber incident response plan is something we have helped regional authorities with – even helping them get external reviews. We like this work helping regional authorities because after all, good visibility and an extra set of eyes may just keep our client secure. And that is good for everyone.

Source: SolarWinds says “fewer than 18,000” customers compromised – Security – iTnews

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