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Data Centre

Ensuring data integrity, functionality, performance and seamless service is critical to business success

Greenfield or Brownfield, the initial design or redesign of a Data Centre is the single most critical element in providing a path to future success.

With the Internet of Things taking hold across the globe, providing Data Centres at “The Edge” is a growing requirement.


Strategic Directions is uniquely positioned to provide DC Strategy to our customers. We are strictly Vendor independent which allows us to provide…
Achieve Better Data With Strategy
Ageing infrastructure and misalignment with “Best Practice” can lead to failures at the infrastructure level. Often overlooked and put on hold as other more important jobs take precedence, your data centre is the heart and soul of your business.
The Data Centre is a huge investment, weather it is a new build, located onsite or co-located, customers sometimes struggle to fully comprehend the financial implications of their Data Centre. From “where to build” or “should I build”, let our experience guide you through the market assessments, site assessment and the financial modelling aspects of Data Centres.
“How much is this going to cost me for the xx years?” is a question often asked by the Executive team, but, is, in reality, not easy to answer accurately. Understanding and compiling the TCO of a Data Centre is complicated. Electricity, water and gas, just to name a few, are all fluctuating elements to be considered when compiling a TCO model.
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