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Data Centre Optimisation as a Service

Achieve simplified, centralised management and monitoring of your Critical Infrastructure with a single service.

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you can’t improve it.

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The smarter way to monitor and manage your Data Centre

With our Data Centre as a Service, we deliver cost-effective access to data centre management and monitoring reports, distributed through our secure system.

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Data Centre Audit

Ageing infrastructure and misalignment with “Best Practice” can lead to failures at the infrastructure level. Often overlooked and put on hold as other more important jobs take precedence, your data centre is the heart and soul of your business. Regular audits, alignment to industry best practice and optimisation initiatives can produce efficiency gains and significantly lower running costs.

Improved performance of the data centre


Data Centre Management

Achieve improved management (governance) of the data centre, including security, maintenance, transparency for costs, vendor performance, asset lifecycle and incidents. Expert advice provided promptly, reducing risk around resourcing and skills improvement, consolidated reporting across data centre operations, change, event and asset management.


Realtime Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of data centre, including temperature and humidity, and racks (door open and assets) within the data centre; Business hours alerts and escalations. 24 x 7 alerts to on-call staff as required.


Transparent Audit Reporting

Data centre audit reporting, which includes an assessment of the current facilities, capacity for growth and an evaluation of the facilities to meet the future needs for 3 to 5 years. High-Level Asset List (data centre infrastructure only) and lifecycle assessment.


Management Reporting​

Receive organisational monthly performance report, available via the secure client portal, including incident reports, trends, analysis, and recommendations to be actioned. Also included are assets being monitored/managed (compiled using the Audit data), Gap Analysis (against required Plans, Tests & Maintenance Activities, etc.). Finally a registry of critical DC documentation (where it exists) showing whether complete, current version date.


Expert Knowledge

Delivering smarter solutions, planning for maximum efficiency, performance and security within your budget is what we do. Peace of mind you are making the right choice. We analyse your corporate objectives, financial feasibility and technical requirements to deliver data centre services that exceed expectations.

Ensuring data integrity, functionality, performance and seamless service is critical to business success.

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