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Delivering optimised IT Strategy aligned with your operational efficiency.

IT Skills Knowledge

Strategic Planning

Delivered in a mentoring, collaborative and educative approach with an engagement level to enhance your business culture and strategic success.


We develop the blueprint that supports your business strategy and operations as we work alongside your business leaders and staff through a 360° business engagement process in order to scale ICT in line with business priorities.

Business Priorities

  • Future proofed investment pathway with clear actions.
  • Strategic Principles developed to guide future investment and service delivery.
  • Contemporary ICT Frameworks presented for adoption.
  • Areas of vulnerability scanned for and mapped.
  • ICT Service options evaluated for suitability (on-premises, cloud, managed and hybrid solutions).
  • Executive Team and Board involvement and agreement to the strategy.
  • Performance Measurement & Metrics including sustainable budget model

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Learn about the current state of Local Government ICT staff, skills, and workforce changes, based on the recent ICT Benchmark Survey undertaken by Strategic Directions in November 2020.