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With over 150 years of combined experience in the IT industry our priority is to help you discover your strategic priorities and roadmap to Digital Success
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A Smart City can leverage the wealth of human capital in residents and industry through leading-edge technology, commercial partnerships and greater connectivity.

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Digital Infrastructure

The driving force behind the new economic development models of the future, Digital Infrastructure is represented by technologies like 5G, Edge Computing, Optical Fibre, IoT and Wireless. What it is, is ultimately not as important as what it can enable, and critically the opportunities it can deliver to regions and cities.


Strategic Directions can ensure maximum potential from your existing digital assets or develop a master plan for deploying assets within your Development, Region, City or State.  ICT Master Planning is a key speciality of Strategic Directions with involvement in several key projects including Springfield, Yarrabilba and Tonsley.


Like any asset, management, maintenance and optimisation are key functions to perform for ensuring ongoing value is sustained. Guaranteeing availability, capability and reliability are core expectation from any vital asset such as water, power and even digital.

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