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ICT Strategy

Strategic Directions ICT Strategy delivers operational efficiency and maximises the return on your ICT investments.

Global Knowledge – Local Skills

Federal Government

Established in 2003 working and based in Canberra our core strengths are an in-depth knowledge of the latest IT, Data Centre and Telecommunication. Our ability is to manage complex ICT projects with risk management and data security foremost in our lense, to meld already established corporate objectives with ITIL Best Practice.



Technology is simply the tool that enables us to achieve our main focus – helping clients improve their operational efficiency and maximising the return on their ICT investments. 


We want to see you moving forward with achieving your strategic goals.

Local Government Industry

Local Government

Strategic Directions is a specialised Local Government provider assisting rural, regional, county and Metropolitan Governments with a wide range of ICT, Governance, Program and Project Management services. 



With extensive experience across Australia and many disciplines, our team is a trusted, independent advisor for many Councils and regional authorities. 


Our frameworks and approach are uniquely developed to take into account the regulatory and community focus that your organisation requires.

Regional Australia

We are regional and remote specialists with experience built from hundreds of engagements with rural organisations and Local Authorities.



Globalisation, skill shortages and local population shifts are just some of the issues Australian rural and remote communities are dealing with this century. In addition to the pressures that Australia’s unique environment places on rural businesses and townships, water management and ICT security are issues to address.



We help you overcome your constraints. We look to help you to apply pragmatic thinking across your business or Regional Council. Pragmatic and achievable solutions are vital to ensure your success.


Strategic Directions assists organisation provide the best healthcare experience for their clients by partnering with them to help design and deliver the most effective person centred care environments. We understand the challenges of transitioning from traditional health services and healthcare delivery models to modern tech solutions that improve patient care, operations and overall efficiency.


Our team adopt a holistic approach collaborating with all stakeholders to address the needs, opportunities and challenges of delivering health services. 

Water Utilities

Our experience when it comes to Water Utilities both urban and rural based, is extensive.  Our client base to date manages a total of over 120,000 customers across 37,000 square km utilising over 3,500 kilometres of mains piping.  We have extensive knowledge to support your organisations obligation to provide safe, reliable water at the lowest cost possible.



We have assisted in the digital transformation of several water utilities and helped to manage a number of contemporary issues such as IT/OT Convergence, Smart Meter Network Management and Deployment and Customer Services.


Strategic Directions has journeyed with many Australian universities who are at the cutting edge of research and development. Our expertise has enabled these education facilities to maintain their world leading status by assisting with projects from High Performance Computing Clusters through to Data Centre Strategies and Optimisation Roadmaps.

Our team has also been trusted to improve student outcomes by many secondary schools and colleges by developing ICT action plans and strategies that increase reliability and enhance the school ICT environment.


Agriculture is one of the sectors pushing the boundaries of innovation and the status quo of ICT services & solutions. As a consequence, we have seen an influx of hyped up IT based products and services.


We understand that each argibusiness has a unique set of challenges and opportunities which a one size fits all solution doesn’t take into account. Let our team provide you with straight forward, frank and fearless advice so you can assess the best options for your business to ensure maximum value.

Mining & Resources

The cyclical nature of supply and demand dominates the resources industry. It creates the ever-present tension between cost-cutting and growth decisions, pushing the slow (cautious?) organisational wheels towards adaptability and responsiveness. The added complexity of Workplace Health and Safety, Social and Environmental impacts (aspects?) also need to be considered in every decision.

Strategic Directions can give you the information technology insights needed to turn slow into fast, to achieve greater efficiencies, to improve operational and information security, to make better use of big data and predictions, all on the way towards achieving a significant competitive advantage.

A modern mining workforce will need to evolve with new technologies and business models and assist employees to develop new skills along the way.  Our methodology incorporates change management to ensure any digital transformation program is adopted by all stakeholders and delivers value to shareholders.


Property Development

Strategic Directions has a long history of providing strategic and pragmatic ICT Master Planning advice for land, building and CIty scale developments. From the early days of Springfield in Queensland, Strategic Directions was the design authority for the Polaris Data Centre and responsible for the city’s ICT Master Plan. We are proud to say we are still engaged 15 years later.


Our expert team can assist you with any size development project you are planning. Whether it is assistance with optical fibre deployments, modular or full-scale datacentres, smart city infrastructure or cost model development and telecommunications agreements and contracts.


Circular economy and biofuel or other alternative energy estates and property developments are all areas within our portfolio of engagements.

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