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Creating a Strategy and not just setting goals

Creating a Strategy is a very specialised talent as many companies will create a strategy, which will more resemble either a mission statement or a set of goals. Google’s Corporate Strategy is to accelerate innovation and strengthen brand loyalty through transformational changes while creating an

Vendor Management Solutions “SolarWinds”

The United States issued an emergency warning, ordering users to disconnect and disable SolarWinds software which it said had been compromised by “malicious actors.” SolarWinds motto “One vendor. One platform. One single pane of glass” meaning might not be as once was. Managing vendor-related risks

Design a Cloud Strategy

Creating or Reviewing Your Enterprise Cloud Strategy

Gartner posted an article outlining seven elements to a Cloud Strategy. These seven provide a good anchor point for any cloud strategy. Source: Gartner: Seven Elements for Creating an Enterprise Cloud Strategy 1. Ensure Cloud Strategy Follows Business Strategy Sometimes organisations can be more understanding

How to Communicate IT Business Value?

Delivering real Value of your IT investments can be tricky if you do not understand or measure the real value it has for your organisation. The sole focus of the Strategic Directions is to help Clients align their ICT Strategies with the business, improve operational

Edge computing’s epic turf war | CIO

@Gartner Want to learn more about the challenges we are faced with the convergence of our OT / IoT environments.  Start with our 100 Day Plan.  Start Today Key Challenges The converging of IT and OT systems, combined with the increased use of IoT in

Don’t forget humans in your transformation

What to include in your IT Transformation! Most arguments for change in the corporate world are intellectual. There’s often talk of the increasing pace of change, the threat of disruption, the need to be “one enterprise” and the changing expectations of customers. All of these

7 low-cost, high-impact IT initiatives you can launch today | CIO

Transformation is the key to enterprise success. But for organizations pressed for the budget to perform necessary replacements and upgrades, Big Bang transformation initiatives are out of reach. Define your 100 Day Plan and achieve more with less. Define your Journey Here >> Transformation is

Richmond Valley Council Day 1

#TheReset #RoadTrip #BuyLocal  Departing from our first destination today, thank you to the beautiful Richmond Valley Region. Richmond Valley Council is a local government area on the Northern Rivers region of north-eastern New South Wales, Australia. The traditional custodians of the land of the Casino

Buy Local, Regional Partners 

Buy Australian, keep your hard-earned money circulating here. So easy to say but often so hard to do. As an Ex CIO of Local Government, I know how hard it is to select and continues to use Australian goods and services from Australian owned company’s.

Moving everything to the cloud?

AGL to stick almost everything in the cloud by 2022. Australian electricity and gas retailer, AGL, plans to move almost all of its computing infrastructure to the public cloud by 2022. Source: AGL to stick almost everything in the cloud by 2022 | CIO  

Strategic Response

3 Steps of Strategic Response

Covid-19 has changed the way we all work, communicate and impact the wider world we all know. We start to settle into a new way of working in a world that has been turned temporarily upside down we all search for new or enhanced ICT

Does DX ever end?

Shifting your business or operations into top gear and unlocking the potential of digital technology requires change managed by right sized methodologies and frameworks. The digital journey may be rife with timelines and launch dates, but the overall goal is much loftier: To develop an organization that is

The Future of your Data Centre

Gartner has made a clear prediction that the rise of cloud computing, traditional enterprise data centres are adapting and evolving.

What the infrastructure and operations leaders decide on what they will do about on-premises infrastructure architectures will shape the next few years. 

NSW govt told to urgently improve cyber security resilience

Your security resilience is the result of a robust and objective analysis of all ICT matters. Strategic Directions is strictly vendor-independent and provide ICT Strategic Planning that aligns your corporate objectives and your security resilience.

Oracle Core Replacement – Banking ITNews

Suncorp’s technology troubles have snowballed after interim chief executive Steve Johnston refused to give a go-live date for its frozen $300 million Oracle core banking system replacement, admitting the institution was now at the mercy of other banks making it work first.

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