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Bouncing Forward – Tips on how to manage complex change

Organisations will tend to approach adverse events and situations in a particular way. The pandemic, intrusive and active security threats within ICT and attacks upon organisations with ransomware and other practices present disruptions and complexity to simply delivering on strategy to achieve organisational goals.

IoT Digital framework for water sector launched

Having not posted about IoT and digital infrastructure, the driving force behind our smart cities, systems and utilities. This article is a great example of the positive movement in this area.    A digital reference framework designed to simplify communication about digital systems in the

Creating a Strategy and not just setting goals

Creating a Strategy is a very specialised talent as many companies will create a strategy, which will more resemble either a mission statement or a set of goals. Google’s Corporate Strategy is to accelerate innovation and strengthen brand loyalty through transformational changes while creating an

How Digital Dexterity can create a competitive advantage.

You might not have heard the term “Digital Dexterity” but it is something that most organisation have experience due to COVID-19. The diagram below from Gartner is a way to use Digital Dexterity to create a competitive advantage.   Define: Digital Dexterity is the ability and

How to Communicate IT Business Value?

Delivering real Value of your IT investments can be tricky if you do not understand or measure the real value it has for your organisation. The sole focus of the Strategic Directions is to help Clients align their ICT Strategies with the business, improve operational

Edge computing’s epic turf war | CIO

@Gartner Want to learn more about the challenges we are faced with the convergence of our OT / IoT environments.  Start with our 100 Day Plan.  Start Today Key Challenges The converging of IT and OT systems, combined with the increased use of IoT in

ICT Strategy

Choosing computing infrastructure for a post-pandemic world

With the huge change that every business has experienced, the C-Level teams are now reviewing their legacy systems and if this is adequate for our post-COVID working environment. We posted something back in May about the “3 Steps of Strategic Response” stating  “Develop an action

​​​​​​​Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy 2020

The Australian Cyber Security Strategy 2020 will invest $1.67 billion over 10 years to achieve our vision of creating a more secure online world for Australians. @DepartmentofHomeAffairs Banks, utilities providers, defence contractors, universities and data storage services are among a host of critical infrastructure providers

Don’t forget humans in your transformation

What to include in your IT Transformation! Most arguments for change in the corporate world are intellectual. There’s often talk of the increasing pace of change, the threat of disruption, the need to be “one enterprise” and the changing expectations of customers. All of these

7 low-cost, high-impact IT initiatives you can launch today | CIO

Transformation is the key to enterprise success. But for organizations pressed for the budget to perform necessary replacements and upgrades, Big Bang transformation initiatives are out of reach. Define your 100 Day Plan and achieve more with less. Define your Journey Here >> Transformation is

Richmond Valley Council Day 1

#TheReset #RoadTrip #BuyLocal  Departing from our first destination today, thank you to the beautiful Richmond Valley Region. Richmond Valley Council is a local government area on the Northern Rivers region of north-eastern New South Wales, Australia. The traditional custodians of the land of the Casino

Buy Local, Regional Partners 

Buy Australian, keep your hard-earned money circulating here. So easy to say but often so hard to do. As an Ex CIO of Local Government, I know how hard it is to select and continues to use Australian goods and services from Australian owned company’s.